Trading on the forex market can be overwhelming and consume a great deal of time, so sometimes it is just tempting to sit back and have automatic trading software do everything for you. Our trading robots are designed with specific parameters to scan charts and execute traders when proper conditions are met.

Our trading robots utilize advanced algorithms and use data provided by most accurate technical indicators. For example, one of the scripts allows for setting the condition when buy or sell orders will be automatically open when specific combination of Stochastic Oscillator and Moving Average crossovers data occur.

With our trading robots, you will not only save previous time, but also cut the emotions out of the entire trading process to reduce negative biases.

With Finacademy robots you will greatly automate trading and tailor the whole process to your style.

• Advanced algorithms
• High accuracy
• MQL-based
• Tested and trusted by many traders
• Great flexibility
• Easily configured to suit any trading style

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