Technical and Fundamental Analysis

There are 2 schools of thought of how future prices can be predicted – Technical and Fundamental analysis.

Technical analysis, which involves studying history of price movements, is based on the assertion that the price of a stock, currency or commodity – much in the same way as price of anything else – is a relationship of supply and demand.

Fundamental analysis, examines the impact of external factors on the price of financial instrument. It studies impact of various social, political and economic forces on the price of assets on the market. Contrary to technical analysis, fundamental analysis denies the assumption that future prices are already reflected in historical trends.

When it comes to proper application, technical and fundamental analysis appear on the opposite sides of the barricade as the core principles which lay behind both schools are inherently different. Taking these matters into consideration, we have prepared a fine selection of videos to help you understand each of analysis types, get familiar with key concepts and apply them properly.

What you will learn:

  • What is Technical Analysis and how it is connected to human psychology?
  • Why technical analysis does not work all the time?
  • What is Support and Resistance and which types of trend exist?
  • What are the types of economic indicators?
  • How to use moving averages?
  • What is the difference between short, medium and long-term analysis and which tools are better for each type?
  • Why indicator combinations are so important?
  • How to follow the news and economic calendar?
  • How to combine technical and fundamental?

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