1000€ Educational Package


This course is the most comprehensive introduction to investing for beginners and is suitable for people from all backgrounds. This package includes the courses outlined in 500 package but is further complemented with basic course on most commonly used schools in market study – technical and fundamental analysis. This course will help you develop a solid understanding of technical and fundamental analysis, grasp its main concepts and guiding principles, familiarize you with most commonly used chart types and provide you with step-by step guide to Candlestick Chart and 5 really efficient technical indicators to assist you in day trading .

Services of €500 are already included in this package, you only need to deposit the remaining €500 to get access to the package which will be a solid investment in your future growth. Moreover, the package comes with 6 month signal subscription plan.

  • Introduction to financial markets -2 sessions
  • Basics of Cryptocurrencies –1 session
  • Basics of Technical  and Fundamental Analysis – 2 sessions
  • Advanced Technical And Fundamental -2 sessions
  • 5 efficient technical indicators – 2 sessions
  • 6 month signal subscription



Basics of Technical and Fundamental Analysis

What you will learn:

 Advanced Technical and Fundamental Analysis

There is a great deal of scrutiny involved when it comes to technical analysis. Different types of chats, technical indicators and many other tools that traders can take advantage of makes it really hard for beginner to cut through all what this school  has to offer and develop a consistent learning curve. We will cut the noise by providing only those studies which have successfully stood the test of time and proved to be really efficient.

What you will learn:

  • Understanding 10 key reversal candlestick patterns ( Hammer, Hanging Man, Shooting Star and more) – Preview the Ebook
  • Key reversal  chart patterns and their use in everyday trading (Double Top Reversal, Double Bottom Reversal, Head and Shoulders , Reverse Head and Shoulders and more) – Preview the Ebook
  • Trading the line – 5 ways you can use trend lines to improve your trading decisions – Preview the Ebook
  • How to use Fibonacci levels to boost success in everyday trading – Preview the Ebook
  • 10 economic indicators which have the biggest impact on the forex market – Preview The Ebook
  • How to use currency correlations in forex trading – Preview the Ebook

2 Five most efficient technical indicators

There are several categories of technical indicators – Price indicators,  Momentum indicators, Volume indicators, Oscillators and Statistical price movement indicators.

This is again an area where the KISS rule applies – Keep It Short and Simple. We cut through all the noise and show you why there are 5 indicators you should study and that’s all you really need to make informed entry and exit decisions. Technical analysis is a self-fulfilling prophecy and gives deep insight into crowd behavior.

What you will learn: