Human element – A guide to healthy trading psychology


With the markets trading at mind boggling ranges, it really makes sense to discuss a part of trading that won’t be found on most charts – and that’s called Trading Psychology. It’s one thing to have a trading plan and system, but actually following it, especially when things aren’t exactly going your way, is something else entirely. Following the key trading success rules can help you improve your plans when it comes to real life trading.

There are many characteristics and skills required from traders in order for them to be successful on the financial markets. The ability to understand the inner background currency and cryptocurrecny pricing, its fundamental and the ability to determine the direction of the trend are a few of the key traits needed, but none of these are as important as the ability to control emotions, fight greed and maintain healthy psychology. And while the subject of trading psychology can extend further and further, the basic guidelines is something that every trader should be aware of before entering the world of financial markets. Regardless of what type of market you are planning to deal with, the tips outlined in this eBook are universally accepted trader’s testaments that will always come in handy if memorized.