Principles of manageable trading discipline


Improvisation, luck and natural talent are all great things. They even have their place in trading, but discipline is the undisputed foundation of success when it comes to the markets. And it all has to do with getting the bigger reward.

When you start trading you might be looking for a quick way to get into profit, similar to the more impulsive kids. But in an area with a multitude of factors that influence the price and movement, your gut feeling simply won’t do. Some might hit gold the first time, but it’s quite likely they’ll lose it soon after.

As such, adhering to a set of rules and principles throughout the process of day trading will help you lay foundation for manageable trading discipline and develop a set of rules and principles to uphold consistently. This eBook outlines the basic things the trader has to take into consideration in order to avoid inconsistency , haphazardness in decision making and other perils usually derived from lack of predetermined set of rules. 7 pages